Our vision is divided into two equally important parts:

The first part is to create the first and largest global community of Buyers and Sellers of Bitcoin.
The second part is to provide accessibility to as many people as possible, word-wide, relieving them of the dependency on places that manage and hold their funds for them.

What are the advantages of the Stefot community over other trading solutions?
Low costs - Because the trading is executed entirely within the Stefot community and its members, the normally high commissions and fees are drastically lowered.
Accessibility and availability - The transactions occur at one of the hundreds of GMT custodian branches world-wide, giving the Buyers and Sellers close and instant access.
Ability to pay in cash - It is almost impossible to purchase Bitcoin with cash, and in those places that do offer the option, the maximum amount is tremendously low. Stefot enables you to purchase Bitcoin in cash in much higher amounts than all other platforms.
Instant rates - Most of the other solutions allow only bank transfers, which can mean up to 1-2 days to determine the Bitcoin’s conversion rate. In Stefot’s community, the conversion rate is the rate that appears on the transaction chart and does not change.  
Secure and safe transactions for both the Buyer and the Seller - When you purchase Bitcoin through the website and deposit it at one of the GMT custodian branches, you receive a receipt indicating the amount that was paid. The Seller will not receive any money from GMT until the Buyer receives the Bitcoin in his digital wallet. This is the best way to ensure protection from fraud of any kind.
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