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There are many advantages to being a part of the Stefot community, namely:

Trading is completed entirely within the members of the community, minimizing commission and transaction fees.

The site enables world-wide trading through hundreds of GMT custodian branches. Payments are completed in cash and with limits that are much higher than other alternatives, so you enjoy safe transactions, guaranteed rates and minimal risk during the transfer.

Stefot takes your privacy very seriously and will never use your information for any reason other than your stated purpose on the website. We will not send you unsolicited messages and will not share your information with any third-parties.

To make the transactions as safe as possible, both the Buyers and Sellers are visible to the entire community with the usernames they have chosen. This way, you are assured that whoever is in front of you is a real and reliable person and not a robot or a fraudster. We take credibility and reliability very seriously!

Currently the website is suited for use on phones and computers, but an application is currently in the works. We would be happy to receive feedback from you, the users, on the Stefot system, so we can continue to improve your experience. Please send any comments (with explanations) through the Contact Us page.

We do everything we can to prevent mishaps and problems. If you have an issue of any kind, please Contact Us and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible. It is important that you remember that we are always here for you.

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